web analytics software for improved decision making

Web Analytics Software

for improved decision making

Web Analytics Software to get actionable insights and improve website user experience accordingly.

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View all of your relevant data in dashboards that include all user behavior analytics so you can make informed business decisions.

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powerful dashboard

Powerful Dashboard

Get a comprehensive overview of visitor recording statistics with behavior analytics software, visualize trends and visitor segments, and deep dive into specific websites and time ranges from one central location.

see patterns and trends

See Patterns and Trends

Site Recording makes it easy for you and your team to spot patterns and trends in your visitor data. Get a snapshot of the inflow of unique visitors to your websites across time. Know if your optimization efforts are producing desired results by analyzing trends in average time spent per session.

website and user analytics

Website and User Analytics

See summary statistics of website and user behavior analytics at multiple levels of abstraction. See volume and trends for total unique visitors, pages visited per session, average time spent, etc. Keep a tab on the storage used and total monthly recordings at any time.

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