View Recordings

View Recordings

In this tutorial, we are going to cover recordings for SiteRecording we are already on the recording tab in site Recording. You have already created the website that I want to record, as you can see here 500apps there are so many different things.

You can see on starred, play, Session Replay, recorded on, visitor id, visitor, IP address, resolution, devices, browser, city, tags and add tags, and delete option.

You can search, filter by visitor id, status, starred, browser, devices, tags, countries, and comments and save, then apply. We can customize a table to show starred, play, session duration, recorded on visitor id, visitor IP address, resolution devices, browser, OS, city, tags, and comments.

With that said, You can go head-press the play button. You can see the video will be ready soon. All right, You can see exactly what we did on the 10seconds video, then go back to the recording.

With that said, you gonna cover everything for SiteRecording. For recording, I want to show one last thing. Before you leave this here, click on play video. The video will be ready soon.

On the above, you can see previous; next, view recordings, share, view details in that you can see an IP address, location, devices, browser, tags, and comments and closeout of here and again this gonna conclude the video.

I hope this information to you is great and awesome for you to see what your recording is and how your content is holding up.