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Session Replay Software

for improved customer experience

Session replay software to playback visitors journey on your website to understand behavior and optimize experience. Part of the 500apps suite.

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Control your session playback the way you want

Control the playback of your visitor’s journey anytime with session replay software capable of allowing you easy access to view and analyze sessions.

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playback recordings

Playback Recordings

Conveniently playback individual visitor recordings to see how real visitors see and use your site. Identify bottlenecks and optimize experience.

control playbacks

Control Playbacks

Effortlessly replay and analyze visitor session recordings in a movie-like interface with popular playback controls and behavior data.

share recordings

Share Recordings

User session recordings are used by different teams to build better products, tell better stories, and improve customer experience. Easily share session recording links via email with your product managers, marketers, UX designers, and customer support agents to help them make data-driven decisions.

get additional insights

Get Additional Insights

To put your visitor behavior analysis into perspective, session replay provides additional context in the form of demographic, technographic and session-related information for every visitor e.g. anonymized user ID, visit date and time, country and city, device, browser, operating system, and more.

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