Session Replay

to improve customer experience

Replay and record website users' engagements to understand their perspectives and to enhance the user experience.

Session Replay

Relive Visitors' Journeys With Session Replay

Control and manage user sessions anytime with the session replay tool. Easily view, replay and analyze session replays of the visitor's journey anytime.

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playback recordings

Playback Recordings

View individual visitor recordings to get a sense of how practical real visitors navigate your website. Replaying sessions can help you spot problems and improve user experience.

control playbacks

Control Playbacks

Replay and analyze visitor session recordings in a movie-like interface with popular playback controls and behavior data.

share recordings

Share Recordings

Share session recording links to your product managers, marketers, UX designers, and customer support agents to help them make data-driven decisions.

get additional insights

Get Additional Insights

Provides additional context regarding a visitor by providing demographic, technological, and session-related information, for example, anonymized user ID, visit date and time, nation and city, device, browser, operating system, and more. Put your visitor behavior analysis into perspective.

What is Session Replay Software?

Session replay software is a powerful tool for analyzing and improving the usability of your website. A session recording is a video recording of what happens on your website, as seen through the eyes of your visitors. This gives you an opportunity to review and analyze how your visitors use your website. Learn more about Session Replay

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