Mouse Tracking

to give precise user navigation information

Identify where users are browsing and where users click on the website. Collect accurate data about their interaction and modify the website interface based on collected data.

Mouse Tracking

Leverage Mouse Tracking to Gather Movements

Records each click on a link, including the time and date of the click, the source of the click, and the page the user was on when they clicked the link. By gathering this data, you can determine which campaigns are successful and which need improvement.

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track mouse movements

Track Mouse Movements

Understand how users engage with a website or application and identify which parts of the website are most popular and which need optimizing.

spot errors and bugs

Spot Errors and Bugs

Identify areas that cause confusion or frustration for users. Determine if there are any bugs or glitches that could prevent users from using the site effectively.

insightful user behavior data

Insightful User Behavior Data

Procure accurate and reliable user behavior data by tracking user engagement from entry through exit. Apply this information to make the site user-friendly with mouse tracking software.

analyze website productivity

Analyze Website Productivity

Measure how users interact with a website to determine its effectiveness and enhance website design and usability accordingly.

What Is Mouse Tracking?

Mouse tracking is the process of monitoring and recording the movement of a mouse cursor on a computer screen. Mouse tracking software collects data about users' mouse clicks, movements and scrolls on a website to determine user engagement. The data collected is used to improve website design and enhance user experience with Mouse tracking software.

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