Web Tracker

to monitor user web data

Keep track of the websites visited, how long they spend there, and the items they buy. This is used to gauge a website's effectiveness, gather information on user behaviour, and examine patterns in user activity.

Web Tracker

Learn About Visitors With Web Tracker

Provides a comprehensive overview of web activity by recording data such as time spent on a website, which websites are visited, and which links are clicked. The data can then be analyzed to identify patterns or trends in web usage.

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learn behavioral insights

Learn Behavioral Insights

Learn more about how visitors engage with a website. By monitoring and examining website visitor traffic, pinpoint areas that can be changed or improved.

regional targeting

Regional Targeting

Find out from where a visitor is accessing the website, collect geographic information. Companies with a global reach can benefit by using this information to target particular nations or areas.

tracking user interactions

Tracking User Interactions

Monitor how users interact with the website, so problems can be found and diagnosed. Website performance metrics, including page views, time spent on the site, conversion rates, and many others, can be used to track the health of the site.

What is a Web Tracker?

Websites may use scripts to gather information about your preferences and identity as you use the site. These scripts may occasionally be purposefully inserted by the website you're on, or they may occasionally come from a website you've never been to.

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