visitor recording tool for increased engagement

Visitor Recording Tool

for increased engagement

Visitor recording tool to automatically record and fully understand user behavior on your website. Part of the 500apps business suite.

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Record user sessions to optimize user experience

Visitor recording tool to track all actions and navigation followed by users. Capture data to understand users better through movements on your site.

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record sessions

Record Sessions

Take the guesswork out of how visitors interact with your site. Record movements, clicks and actions of actual visitors on your website.

list session recordings

List Session Recordings

User-friendly layouts with rich data and advanced filters makes sorting through visitor recordings for insights a breeze. Analyze session recordings at a higher level or narrow down your focus to sessions of particular interest. Customize your layout to focus on information that matters most.

manage recordings

Manage Recordings

Quickly and easily manage session recordings to get to key insights faster. Mark as favorite or apply custom tags for easy categorization, instant access, and segmented analysis. Pick from an extensive list of filters to narrow down your result set to edit and delete them in bulk.

block ips

Block IPs

Get the right information of who's visiting your website by blocking all the internal traffic.

behavior analytics

Behavior Analytics

View all of your relevant data in dashboards that include all user behavior analytics so you can make informed business decisions.

multiple websites

Multiple Websites

Manage multiple websites at the same time to get appropriate information. Configure by installing code and and you're ready to track activities.

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