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Visitor Recording

Know how customers are interacting with your site

Record visitor journey and improve user experience by analyzing data. Learn more about visitor recording.


Session Replay

Session playback to understand user journey

Replay sessions and know how visitors are interacting with your website to improve user experience. Learn more about session replay.



Generate and analyze heatmaps

Know where visitors are spending more time on you Learn more about heatmaps.


Conversion Funnels

Create funnels and record user journeys

Create a conversion funnel and track user journey from start till conversion. Learn more about conversion funnels.


Advanced Analytics

Make data driven decisions

Get actionable insights to follow data driven decision making. Learn more about advanced analytics.


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Website Recording Software

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9 Ways Visitor Recording Tools Can Make Your Website Invincible

Did you ever stumbled upon a website that had high-quality and informational content but poor navigation? If your answer is yes, then you know how even the smallest problems on a website can be frustrating enough for you to leave and never come back.


7 Key Web Analytics You Should Track

In our increasingly customer-centric world, having the ability to gather and use customer knowledge to optimize and improve your products, services and your customer journey has become critically important.


5 Amazing Ways to Use Heatmaps Software

These days, advertisers can quantify nearly everything, giving us a remarkable capacity and access to various ways of measuring and improving the performance of your marketing efforts. Yet, at times, we can get excessively fixated on the measurements that look great on paper however don't give as much knowledge we think, similar to page clicks and page views. A high portion of website traffic can demonstrate the quality of your headline or product description, yet it doesn't disclose to you the entire story of what way your website visitors take while browsing your website, or how precisely they engage with the page.


Everything You Need to Know About Session Recording

Every website owner, be it a business entity or individual, needs to know the people who are visiting their site and what they do whilst there. With such data, marketers and salespeople are best placed to understand their audience. Armed with this information, they are likely to develop the right content as well as employ the appropriate strategies in order to pull in more people to their website rather that push them away. That’s why every business worth its salt must have a website session recording tool.

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