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  • Track mouse movement, clicks, taps, form fills and scrolling

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Why Choose SiteRecording for Website Recording

Record and visually playback website visitor sessions to truly understand visitor behavior, improve user experience, and optimize conversion funnels.


Boundless Visitor Recordings

Record and monitor multiple user sessions from multiple domains simultaneously in real-time on a unified dashboard

Onsite Behavior Analysis

Analyze the visitors' website interactions to determine user behavior and gain insights to optimize the website

Share Recordings

Share user website recordings securely via multiple channels with authentication and security

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Monitor User Behavior with Website Recording

Enhance website performance and increase conversions by monitoring users' website interactions and analyzing user behavior, which will result in increased customer engagement.

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Why Choose Website Recording Software?

Our Infinity Suite of 39 apps covers all aspects of business operations

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    Distinctive Dashboard

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    Infinite Recordings

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    Monitor & Analyze User Behavior

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    Boost Engagement

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    Active Monitoring

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    Customer Behavior Analytics

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    Optimize Conversions & Increase Your Profits

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    Numerous Locations & Languages

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    Extensive Services & 24/5 Support

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How User Session Recording Helps in Reducing Visitor Bounce?

Powerful software such as developed by 500apps that has the conversion funnel, web analytics, and heat map software to independently monitor, track and analyze the session recordings to give insightful information on generating more traffic to your website and reduce visitor bounce.

9 Ways Visitor Tracking Tools Can Make Your Website Invincible

Did you ever stumbled upon a website that had high-quality and informational content but poor navigation? If your answer is yes, then you know how even the smallest problems on a website can be frustrating enough for you to leave and never come back.

7 Key Web Analytics You Should Track

In our increasingly customer-centric world, having the ability to gather and use customer knowledge to optimize and improve your products, services and your customer journey has become critically important.

Why We Built SiteRecording?

Find out the inside story of why we SiteRecording and why there was a need of visitor recording software that helps businesses grow like the Fortune 500.

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What is Session Recording?

Everything you need to learn about the session recording software. Functioning, benefits, importance, and how to use it.

Why Do Marketers Use Session Recording?

Learn more about visitor session recording and replay. Track user's behavior and journey to optimize the user experience and improve conversion rates.

When Should You Use Session Recording?

What's the right time to use session recording on your website? Learn that in this deatiled piece.

Use Cases of Session Recording

Here are some of the best use cases of session recording and businesses should take them into account to grow further.

Why Is It Important to Understand User Behavior in Order to Increase Conversions?

Behavioral analytics are used to show what your website users do when browsing your site. The technology that capture Website users' activities and record each individual and their behavior.

What are Heatmaps?

Heatmaps are used in a variety of analytics applications, although they are most often used to display user activity on specific web pages or webpage designs.

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