heatmaps software for quicker issue identification

Heatmaps Software

for quicker issue identification

Heatmaps by Site Recording to visualize the data collected from your visitors sessions to determine what they view and click on.

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View visitor website sessions graphically.

Create a website heatmap for specific pages and durations to collect data on the most and least popular parts depicted as hot and cold areas.

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scroll heatmaps

Scroll Heatmaps

View what percentage of your visitors scroll down to which location on each page of your website. You will also be able to see the average fold to determine what most visitors see on their screens when they open the page and before they begin scrolling.

mouse-click heatmaps

Mouse-click Heatmaps

Mouse-click heat maps can show you where your visitors click on your desktop version or tap on the mobile version of your website, including links, buttons, images and other calls to action. Analyzing this data will help you identify opportunities for website improvements.

mobile heatmaps

Mobile Heatmaps

Mobile heatmaps will show how your mobile website is performing and is modified to include taps instead of clicks. View when taps were not responsive to optimize placement and size of your calls-to-action. Optimize your apps by knowing where visitors are interacting with your pages.

movement insights

Movement Insights

Website heatmap will show you where desktop users move their mouse and places they tend to pause, which can suggest to you that these are possible areas of greater interest to your visitors. These hot and cold areas are also depicted in colors ranging from blue to red.

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