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Make informed decisions concerning your website by utilising behavioural data to better understand how visitors perceive and interact across your site.

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Record and Replay Visitor Sessions

  • Record sessions to capture valuable information.

  • Replay recorded sessions to recognize and analyze trends

  • View data on dashboards for insightful overviews.

  • Filter and view information pertinent to your needs.

best website recording software

Behaviour Analytics

Get behavioural data on how people use your website, what they don't like, where people come from, what pages get traffic, and how you can improve their experience by developing your website.

behaviour analytics
track user behaviour

Track User Behaviour

Segmenting audience into different categories based on their needs and interests to increase the chances of conversion.

understand behaviour pattern

Understand Behaviour Pattern

Collect and monitor site users data and determine their interests.

take better decisions

Take Better Decisions

Helps to identify areas with low bounce rates and make data-driven decisions to increase productivity.

analyzing user behaviour

Analyzing User Behaviour

Use of various inbuilt tools that will help in evaluating and optimizing the user data.

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Conversion Rate Optimization

Improve the percentage of conversions by analyzing and improving the spot that drives the users and understanding what keeps your users hooked.

conversion rate optimization
lead generation

Lead Generation

Influence the behaviour of potential customers to get maximum leads.

strategy building

Strategy Building

Get user insights that help in strategic decision making.

conversion tracking

Conversion Tracking

Use various analytical tools like heatmaps, site recordings, consumer journey mapping to evaluate conversion rates on your website.

multivariate analysis

Multivariate Analysis

Select the best site variable by determining viewers conversion rates.

Find out more about Conversion Rate Optimization

Customer Journey Mapping

Track, inspect, evaluate and determine the customer’s goal when engaging with your site to increase the efficiency of the customer path.

customer journey mapping
optimize user path

Optimize User Path

Understand User behaviour and identify cold spots to maximise the efficiency of users path.

segment user persona

Segment User Persona

Identify and categorize users based on their personas for optimal website engagement.

omni channel

Omni Channel

Use customizable filters in one unified dashboard to visualise and evaluate numerous customer journey maps and quickly locate user journeys.

Find out more about Customer Journey Mapping

Problem Area Management

Use in-built tools to track user clicks and Identify areas with low user interactions to improve webpage engagement.

problem area management
optimize trouble spots

Optimize Trouble Spots

Minimize problem areas by enhancing website, site designs, identifying bugs and improving user experience.

decrease bounce rates

Decrease Bounce Rates

Increase visitor engagements by monitoring user interactions, and improve customer retention and conversion by making changes to the customer experience.

analyze user mouse clicks

Analyze User Mouse Clicks

Locate the sections where visitor clicks are minimal and address the underlying cause to tackle the issue.

increase conversions

Increase Conversions

Identify spots where the visitors overlook and implement ways to improve visibility that eventually increases conversions.

increase viewer experience

Increase Viewer Experience

Utilize powerful, accurate business analytics to identify cold spots and optimize the page to its full potential to improve the user journey.

Find out more about Problem Area Management

Real-Time Monitoring

Real-time monitoring tool provides live screening of user sessions. It helps in evaluating user experience immediately and making quick decisions.

real-time monitoring
track user data

Track User Data

Instantaneously track the user's site interactions, geolocation, IP address, device, browser, and system software.

identify potential problems

Identify Potential Problems

Identify bugs as and when the user is interacting with your site and take necessary decisions immediately.

competitive advantage

Competitive Advantage

Get a competitive advantage by monitoring your company's real-time performance with the latest dashboard that provides integrated and intuitive customer engagement tracking.

view viewer history

View Viewer History

Identify whether the customer is a regular customer or a new visitor.

Find out more about Real-Time Monitoring

Unlimited Recordings

Access, synchronise and store user engagement data from multiple online platforms together in a holistic framework. Sophisticated visitor video recording tool that captures user sessions across numerous domains and archives the recordings in a secular dashboard.

unlimited recordings
unlimited visitor video recordings

Unlimited Visitor Video Recordings

Track, record and also save multiple video recordings in order to understand and determine visitor behaviour, customer journey through your site and determine your customers' experience.

store unlimited visitor recordings

Store Unlimited Visitor Recordings

Organize all of your visitor recordings in one profile, which has many in-built functionalities that help in evaluating the viewer journey.

multiple domains

Multiple Domains

Retrieve and integrate customer engagement data from multiple domains.



View your dashboard in six major languages.

Find out more about Unlimited Recordings

Advanced Filters

Flexible and scalable approach for tracking target user visits and determining their preferences for quick decision-making.

advanced filters
set tracking requirements

Set Tracking Requirements

Apply filters and record user sessions only when those requirements are met.

prioritize sessions

Prioritize Sessions

Filter searches of user sessions that fit your requirements.

customized filters for different domains

Customized Filters For Different Domains

Customize filters for user sessions for different domains.

Find out more about Advanced Filters

Visitor Recording

Monitor visitors' journey across your website to analyze user behavior and ascertain website productivity.

visitor recording
record sessions

Record Sessions

Record all sessions on your website to understand user behavior of the visitors.

list session recordings

List Session Recordings

Get a list of all recordings at one place to manage them easily.

manage recordings

Manage Recordings

Manage all your recording at one place with additional options like filters and more.

block ips

Block IPs

Block your own IPs so you track the right information.

behavior analytics

Behavior Analytics

Get a comprehensive, visualized overview of website visitor behavior, patterns and trends, web and user behavior analytics from one central location.

multiple websites

Multiple Websites

Get information of all your websites at one place. Configure them easily and get started instantly

Find out more about Visitor Recording

Session Replay

Playback and reconstruct visitors interactions on your website with handy playback controls and contextual insights to understand visitor behavior and conversion-optimize experience.

session replay
playback recordings

Playback Recordings

Get your recording played at anytime with playback recordings.

control playbacks

Control Playbacks

Use video player controls to pause, forward, reverse your recordings.

share recordings

Share Recordings

Easily share visitor session recordings with key stakeholders and work together as a team towards creating better products and experiences.

get additional insights

Get Additional Insights

Retrieve important insights to make data-driven decisions.

Find out more about Session Replay


Create user engagement heatmaps for quick understanding of user engagement in real-time. The data collected can be used to make meaningful changes to get the most out of your user experience and increase overall impact.

scroll heatmaps

Scroll Heatmaps

Get information of all the mouse movements user is taking on your websites.

mouse-click heatmaps

Mouse-click Heatmaps

Track and analyze all clicks in sessions to understand user behavior.

mobile heatmaps

Mobile Heatmaps

See how users interacting with your websites on mobile with mobile heatmaps.

movement insights

Movement Insights

Get all the details of input movements on your website.

Find out more about Heatmaps

Conversion Funnels

Track your website visitors' journey through all the stages of the conversion funnels to determine visitor engagement and experience on your site.

conversion funnels
create funnels

Create funnels

Easily create funnels with desired conditions to track user journey.

advanced filtering

Advanced Filtering

Apply powerful filters to quickly sort through visitor recordings data and extract actionable insights to fix bottlenecks, improve experience, and increase conversions.

powerful targeting

Powerful Targeting

Know your visitors with more powerful targeting options.

drop-off recordings

Drop-off Recordings

Analyze how customers are dropping off from your websites.

Find out more about Conversion Funnels

Advanced Analytics

Get actionable insights on website productivity to follow data-driven decision-making for optimizing user engagement.

advanced analytics
powerful dashboard

Powerful Dashboard

Get a big-picture view of visitor experience, spot trends, and discover insights about existing bottlenecks and conversion-optimization opportunities from one central location.

see patterns and trends

See Patterns and Trends

Analyze how your sites are performing in an overview to make informed decisions.

website and user analytics

Website and User Analytics

Get both websites and user analytics with just a few clicks.

Find out more about Advanced Analytics

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