Real-time Monitoring

for quick decision-making

Track and view user engagement in real-time and determine user-driven decisions simultaneously.

Real-time Monitoring

Monitor User Sessions in Real-time

Track, monitor and stay updated on how the visitors are interacting with your site as they navigate through all of it.

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track user data

Track User Data

Monitor the user data of many visitors who are exploring your website in real-time, and determine what conversions have been achieved.

view viewer history

View Viewer History

Determine whether the consumer is a frequent visitor to the website or a potential entrant.

identify potential problems

Identify Potential Problems

Monitor and Identify issues in real-time whilst the user interacts with your site and make needed modifications as soon as possible.

competitive advantage

Competitive Advantage

Gain a competitive advantage over competitors who may not have this dashboard.

What Is Real-time Monitoring?

Real-time monitoring is a passive network monitoring tool that tracks and captures user sessions in real-time. It tracks and collects user data as and when the user browse through your website. It collects data in real time which include- IP Address, device, browser and user interactions. This information is used to identify patterns which can be linked back to the user. This information can be used to monitor the site progress.

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