Website Tracking

to evaluate the efficiency of websites

Get information about how well your website design and content work, point out areas for improvement, and get recommendations for how to engage users more effectively.

Website Tracking

Obtain Visitors Information With Website Tracking

Monitor page visits, page views, time spent on a page, user engagement, and other important metrics, and see which pages your visitors are viewing, how long they're spending on them, which pages they're leaving from, and even the type of device they're using to access your site.

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recognize behavioural trends

Recognize Behavioural Trends

Identify areas that can be changed or improved by tracking and analyzing website visitor traffic.

user data monitoring

User Data Monitoring

Determine what conversions have been made by tracking the user data of numerous visitors as they browse your website in real-time.

determine potential issues

Determine Potential Issues

Watch real-time user interactions on your website, identify problems as they appear, and fix them as soon as you can.

What is Website Tracking?

Enables website owners to monitor their visitors. When users interact with the site, the software records data about their behaviour. Additionally, it has the ability to track customer information, which can be a tremendous help in improving the user experience on the website.

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