Click Tracking

to track user actions

Assess user sessions and identify areas of the website where users are engaging. Analyze user mouse clicks and determine what interests the users.

Click Tracking

Track Clicks and Conversions With Click Tracking

Provides detailed insight into the performance of specific links within an online marketing campaign to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns by tracking clicks on links throughout the web, including social media, email, and search engine results.

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identify lead source

Identify Lead Source

Identify the section where the users are converting, which aspect influences conversions, and how long it takes the user to convert before transitioning into a customer.

track impressions

Track Impressions

Track the number of impressions made by the visitors to gain insight into the website performance. Website owners can see which web pages are being visited most often and customize the website to suit these visitors.

track failed clicks

Track Failed Clicks

Measure which conversion CTAs are converting the most, and which ones aren't. Identify and track failed clicks that didn't result in conversions and measure the productivity of the website interface.

What Is Click Tracking?

Click tracking or mouse click tracking is a valuable tool that records and analyzes user interactions on a website. It helps in understanding how users engage on a website. This software tracks where people click, how often they click, and what links or buttons they avoid.

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