Use cases and Starting

Use cases and Starting

In this introduction video of SiteRecording you will learn how to use siterecording and its use cases. followed by how to add a new website after signing for the first time. SiteRecording is a fortune 500app website recording software.

Who can use it? People can use it, such as some of the different people who utilize it. Like; Marketing team, developers, Analyst team, business owner's independent entrepreneurs using it; there are so many other people used for business.

You may have a website you want to keep an eye on and keep track of who is visiting the website to prepare content. This must be useful for you.

Even if you are a solo entrepreneur, you want to keep track of your website, who is coming, where they are going, and what they are doing. In that way, you know what to invest in yourself. You can even keep track of Mouse Tracking on competitors' websites, like e-commerce websites, Heatmaps so you can track what others are buying from there; you will get the idea at that point.

When can use it? If you are already signed up with 500apps, you gonna go ahead and log in with that site Recording first. You need to sign in to your 500apps account. From there, you gonna be redirected to the infinity dashboard.

On the infinity dashboard, go head and navigate product marketing and go head to site recording. With that said, you will be redirected inside your app Click. On add website and then put in a name and website URL you want to record and go head and save it. Let's get started.