So you want to increase conversions on your website. Excellent. You’re in the right place. As you probably know, website visitor recordings can give you eye-opening intelligence on how your users interact with your website.

Also known as “session recordings,” such recordings give you visibility right where your visitors' click, scroll, and stop.

Session Visitor Recordings Help You Improve Your UX

Part of website optimization is the art and science of better understanding your customers. One way you can do that is by seeing what they’re doing when they’re on your site.

Session Recordings Help You Improve Your UX

What seems intuitive? Where do your users get frustrated? Where’s the primary drop-off? Does the user intent seem to match your offers?

Traditional analytics tools are great. They give you a snapshot of how many visited your site, how they got there, what pages they visited, and when they left.

Visitor recording software takes it a step further.

You can watch real-time monitoring of your visitor’s actions on your website. As you know, the more you can understand who your audience is and what they want, the better. You can use this information for your product design as well as website improvement to boost in conversion funnel.

Here are 7 Ways Website Visitor Recordings Can Give You the Details You Need for Happier Customers

1 -Customer Service - Customer service is a major selling point for today’s busy and often, impatient customers. It starts with UX or user experience on your website. You may be familiar with the 3-second statistic,that says you have 3 seconds to grab their attention and if they don’t find what they looking for, they’ll bounce. Hence, the bounce rate. More on that below. Session recordings are also when it comes to solving help tickets. Ever get one saying something like, “It doesn’t work.” How do you address the problem if you can’t see it?

Customer Service

Website visitor recordings can help close the gap.

2 -Useful for Marketers - The marketing team will love the insights the session recording software gives them because it shows the real-time information where website visitors get stuck and the usage patterns on your website.

This is helpful because it gives clues as to why people aren’t signing up for something. Maybe the sign-up form is too low on the webpage and people aren’t scrolling that far. It’s hard to know this type of information with traditional analytics but session recording can make it obvious.

What about your calls to action? Effective calls to action often have both a copy and graphic element. Is your copy on target for your buyer? What about the graphics? Where are they located? You can change each of these but best to change one element at a time and see how your visitors respond.

A/B testing is more effective too.

3 -Find Issues on Website - Are all of the pages loading correctly? You could have to misdirect thank you pages or 404 errors that you don’t know about. What about confusing (or missing directions?) Bug reports are useful but sometimes they don’t catch everything or give enough detail to reproduce a bug.

Sometimes website problems are best illuminated by users because they’re unfamiliar with the site so bring a fresh perspective.

4 -Filter the Recordings of Target Audience Behavior - According to the 80/20 rule, 80% of your sales come from 20% of your customers. Don't you want to know what your best customers are doing and how you can get more of them? When you can define and filter the session recordings by your best customers, then you can see how they behave on your website.

5 -Reduces Bounce Rates - Ever click to a site and then hit the “back” button right away? That’s your bounce rate. While some bounce in normal, a high bounce rate - 70% plus - is impacting your revenue. There are a lot of reasons for a high bounce rate. Maybe the ad doesn’t match the landing page. Or your visitor shows up and is confused by your site.

The session replay can show you exactly what they do on your site which will help you identify why they leave so fast. Then, you can address your bounce rate.

6 -Addresses Key Questions on Site - Website visitor recording gives indicators for why people aren’t signing up and how they interact with your content.

7 -Optimize Shopping Cart Conversions - Web usability experts Baymard Institute say optimizing your checkout process can recover billions in lost sales. In fact, according to their study, the US alone lost $176 billion in sales in 2018.

If you’ve never seen website visitor recordings, you’ll be amazed. They show you the exact path of your visitors just as if you were there with them. It gives a whole new view of the customer journey. See how they move over the webpage, where they click, and how fast they scroll.

When you can see your visitor’s behavior patterns then you can understand where they’re running into problems. Stack the patterns and you’ll have a good idea if it’s a clunky shopping cart or if your nine-question form is to blame.

Every business wants to improve website conversions but you can’t do that without good data. Traditional analytics are great for a broad sweep. But it’s just that, broad. Individual website visitor recordings give you more detail about your customers. This way, your business can make more informed decisions about website improvements. As you know, a well-performing website is a major business asset.

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